About Taylor Hullinger

Based out of Orem, Utah, Taylor Hullinger serves as the head of Hullinger Corporation, Inc. As a student, Hullinger honed skills in leadership, sales, and communications, focusing on subjects ranging from business law and marketing to business ethics and personnel management. In addition to his academic credentials, Taylor Hullinger performed as a survey specialist for PGM Incorporated, a salesman for APX, and a prosper agent for Dialogue Marketing.

In his current work, Hullinger remedies many issues faced by business owners and customers, including the need to utilize the advice of experts. He assists clients in finding credible persons depending on their region and budget. Often, a company might fail because it lacks an expert who can provide the correct foundation. Similarly, an expert forced into becoming an entrepreneur without the proper background or experience can harm their ideas Basing his guidance on Jeffrey Pfeffer’s paper “Evidence Based Management for Entrepreneurial Environments: Fast and Better Decision with Less Risk,” Taylor Hullinger recognizes that connecting business owners with the right creative persons can lead to better opportunities. To best serve its clients, Hullinger Corporation maintains a network of industry and business-specific consultants.


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